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Hello everyone! Today I decided to show you one of the latest Bitcoin websites I’ve found and tested in the last few weeks, Bitsfree.net. This is a bit different from the other websites I’ve talked about in my previous tutorials and I will explain you why. If you want to earn Bitcoin quickly and easily and, most important, without investing anything, you are in the right place. Furthermore, this website allows you to advertise your referral links in a completely free way! So stay tuned and read this tutorial to the end 🙂

NOTE: I have found two more websites similar to this, CryptoTrAds.com and Claimbits.net. They look the same as Bitsfree because they only use the same script but they are DIFFERENT WEBSITES and they all pay like Bitsfree.

Not only a faucet!

Bitsfree.net is not only a faucet for Bitcoin, but it has many other features that I will explain to you step by step in this guide. In summary with this website you can earn Bitcoin:

  • Using the internal faucet
  • Completing Offers and Surveys through Wannads and other providers
  • Clicking on the PTC Ads updated everyday
  • Clicking on the shortlinks that are added everyday
  • Sharing your referral link
  • Participating to contests
  • Participating to the new Lottery


First thing to do, of course, is to create an account. Go to the official Bitsfree.net website and click on Sign up, in the top right corner.


Here you will insert your Username, email, password, gender and country, and you will choose the payment infos, whether if you prefer to receive your payments to your Faucethub account or Bitcoin address. Then you solve the simple captcha, tick the box to accept the Terms of Service and click on Register.

Claim Bitcoin through the internal faucet

After having completed the registration, log in to your account and you will be directed to the main page, which is the faucet page. Or simply click on Faucet on top. This is how it looks like:

To earn free bitcoin through this faucet you just have to solve a simple captcha, you can choose between reCaptcha or SolveMedia as you prefer, and click on Roll & Win. A random number between 1 and 99.998 will be shown and you will receive the reward accordingly. You can claim every 60 minutes up to 2200 BTC satoshi for every claim! And during the weekends they run the Weekend Fever where you can claim every 30 minutes!

Earn Bitcoin completing offers and surveys

Another way to increase your profit on Bitsfree.net is completing Offers and Surveys provided by Wannads and other Offerwalls. Click on Wannads, on the top menu under the Offerwalls drop-down menu, and you will see this:

It’s very easy to do it. You just need to click on one of the offers or surveys shown and complete them. After having completed them you will receive Credits, as shown in the right side of each offer. Then you will have to exchange this credits to Bitcoin, as you can see in the top part of the page. For every offer or survey that you complete you will receive 2 points, needed to participate to the contest where you will have the chance to win big prizes.

Earn more Bitcoin clicking on PTC Ads

Another feature offered by Bitsfree.net is the PTC Ads section. Here you will just have to click on the Visit button, you will then be redirected to a website, wait for 10 seconds and solve a captcha. After doing this, you will receive your reward! The PTC Ads section is updated everyday, so you will have new websites to click all the time.

Increase your profit through Shortlinks

One of the best features Bitsfree.net offers is the shortlinks section. It’s quite similar to the PTC Ads section but you have more links to visit and the reward is higher. Click on Shortlinks on the top menu and you will be shown this:

Just click on the Visit button on the right side and you will be directed to some websites. You will have to solve some captchas and visit a few links to complete fully the task. Follow the instructions and you will receive your reward. In the same way as the Wannads, you will receive points for every single shortlink you complete and you will participate to the contest and win big prizes!

Share your referral link and earn


If you want to earn even more, you can share your referral link to friends and you will receive:

  • 50% of their faucet claims
  • 15% of their offerwall earnings
  • 20% of their shortlinks earnings

As you can see in the picture above, you can share your link to social networks just clicking on the related Buttons. If you have a website, you can also copy and paste the several types of banners they offer.

Advertise your referral links

The best section of this website is the Advertising Network. You can choose to advertise everything, such as websites or faucet referral links, like Freebitco.in, just transferring your Bitcoin to the Advertising Platform simply clicking on the Transfer Funds just under the Withdraw button. Or you can choose to deposit a small amount of satoshi from your external wallet (now the minimum to deposit is 30.000 satoshi, enough for 2000 PTC Ads clicks!!). So as you an see, if you choose to transfer your funds, advertising your referral links becomes completely FREE!

Bitsfree.net offers two ways of advertising:

  • PTC Ads
  • Banner Ads


Let’s see the first one, click on the PTC Ads ON THE LEFT MENU. You will see this:

The platform is very straight forward. The only things you have to do is to add your referral link in the box Ad URL, add a title(choose a good one to make it attractive), insert how many visits you want (minimum 1000) and choose the Advertising Pack. In the bottom you see how much it will cost you, 15.000 satoshi for 1000 visits. If you are happy about it, click on Purchase and your link will be shown to other user in the PTC Ads section we saw already previously in this tutorial. You can check the status of your active ads in the bottom of the page under My PTC Ads.

Banner Ads

You can also choose to advertise your referral link or website using the banner ads, also available on the left side menu. I don’t recommend much this advertising method because it’s quite expensive, but if you prefer it, you can use it. This is how the banner ads section looks like :

Again, you just need to add your Website URL, select the banners you want to be shown, the size and the Ad Pack. Then Submit the request and your banners will be shown in their partner websites. You can monitor your active banner ads in the bottom of the page.

Withdraw your profit

You can withdraw your Bitcoin to your Faucethub account or directly to your bitcoin address after reaching a minimum of 0.002 BTC (200.000 satoshi). Click on Withdraw button and selct the withdrawal method. You bitcoin will be payed within one week.


On my opinion Bitsfree.net is one the best websites for bitcoin you can find around the net. It has everything you need and it gives you the chance to increase your referrals easily and quickly. If you are able to use all the features this website offers you can make easily a lot of money.

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