Top Paying Apps

What are faucets?

Faucets are websites and mobile apps that allow to earn a small amount of Bitcoin and other cryptos for each claim with no investment, so it’s completely free. The reason for this stands in the ads shown. This is how the owner of the faucets can finance the website and pay the users who make a claim.

These websites and apps are an easy and trusted means to earn free crypto without investing anything, only some patience is needed and you will see your profit raising day by day.

Earn FREE crypto simply using your mobile phone

In the table below you find the best apps for Android for earning free crypto, the ones that I recommend because I use them and I can tell they pay. You only need to download the apps, register and claim anytime you want.

I recommend to use not just one app but many of them and add also some other faucets (here you will find the best faucets online, updated almost everyday) to make your income more consistent.

Happy Earnings 🙂

Free LitecoinLTC Link=91353&game=8&pf=260 minutes + BonusVariable20000 litoshiCoinbaseDOWNLOAD
DogeFaucetDOGESRT0JD4 minutesVariable
(Average 0.0947)
5 DogeDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Ethereum SpinnerETHRef LinkInstantVariableImmediate (every 3 days)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
Free Bitcoin CashBCHRef Link60 minutes + Bonus RewardsVariable10.000 BCH SatoshiDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Litecoin GainLTCxckdwhInstantVariableImmediate (once per day)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
BFast BFreeBTCGQTRZInstantVariableImmediate (every 3 days)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
SweatcoinSWRef LinkInstantVariableImmediateDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Ripple GainXRPqowhvpInstantVariableImmediate (once per day)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
Dogecoin FaucetDOGERef Link10 minutes0.4 DOGE1 DOGEFaucethubDOWNLOAD

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