Best Android apps for earning free crypto

Earn Free crypto simply using your mobile phone

In the table below you find the best apps for Android, the ones that I recommend because I use them and they pay on time.

Here’s a brief description of each one of them:

Free Bitcoin Cash

Free Bitcoin Cash is the last app I’ve tested. You can claim every hour up to 100.000 BCH satoshi and you can spin many times as long as you watch some ads. Furthermore you can get some bonuses very often and complete some offers to earn even more. They pay every tuesday after reaching 10.000 BCH satoshi, which you can make easily even in one hour! Finally, if you share your referral link you get 10% for every claim your referrals make.


Get Dogecoin every 4 minutes, plus extra claim every 4 hours (I’m able to get 10 doge everyday and I don’t click that much!!!). Code SRT0JD


Get XLM every 2 minutes, plus extra claim every 2 hours (You can easily get 1 XLM in one day!!!). Code XRQPQLQ

Free Ethereum Spinner

In this app there’s no timer, but energy that increases with time. You start with 50000 energy unit and you can choose to spin using 3000 energy or 5000 energy (in this case you will earn more). when you finish the energy you can recharge it whatching ads. Withdrawal can be requested every 3 days. Share your Referral Link and you will get 5% of your referrals’ total earning everytime they withdraw.

Free Litecoin Spinner

Same app as the previous one but with Litecoin.

ClaimBitcoinNetwork APPS

Lastly I recommend 2 apps that are linked to the faucet online ClaimBitcoinNetwork, Claim Free Bitcoin and The Bitcoin wheel (you will find the links to download the apps in the table below). You can log in directly with your Coinbase email and claim every 15 minutes. Plus, if you go to the CBN Online website, you can complete offers and surveys and earn even more. Enter my Referral code fTPGco when you log in for the first time in the app.

Happy Earnings 🙂

Free LitecoinLTC Link=91353&game=8&pf=260 minutes + BonusVariable20000 litoshiCoinbaseDOWNLOAD
DogeFaucetDOGESRT0JD4 minutesVariable
(Average 0.0947)
5 DogeDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Ethereum SpinnerETHRef LinkInstantVariableImmediate (every 3 days)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
Free Bitcoin CashBCHRef Link60 minutes + Bonus RewardsVariable10.000 BCH SatoshiDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Litecoin GainLTCxckdwhInstantVariableImmediate (once per day)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
BFast BFreeBTCGQTRZInstantVariableImmediate (every 3 days)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
SweatcoinSWRef LinkInstantVariableImmediateDirectDOWNLOAD
Free Ripple GainXRPqowhvpInstantVariableImmediate (once per day)CoinbaseDOWNLOAD
Dogecoin FaucetDOGERef Link10 minutes0.4 DOGE1 DOGEFaucethubDOWNLOAD
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